About us

Allor is a clothing brand that aims to sell experience and satisfaction not just garments—we aim to embody the elevated lifestyle of today’s consumer. Our product is about the person who wears it, and his or her individual expression of our creation. We believe his or her approach to shopping is the same as his or her approach to everything else in life: elevated, pared back, and functional. We create ready-to-wear pieces that seamlessly fit into this lifestyle. We are passionate in our belief that the person makes the outfit, not the other way around, and that passion drives us to constantly ideate, create, and innovate. We aim to make your shopping experience easy and satisfying with everything at your fingertips with the variety shown in our store.

Allor was founded in 2019 in CAIRO, the first collection is inspired by Vintage Styles. The Designer is a big fan of collecting vintage items and fixing them up to make them look modernized. She believes in the richness vintage styles had and she aims to bring them back in a Modernized Twist but she still doesn’t want to lose the black and white element the clothes perceive.

Our FW19 collection is a retrospective look at our unique roots, ethical heritage and rich history as pioneers in fashion. Revisiting the places that have shaped and inspired us. Many of the products have the usual wear-and-tear of something 20 or 30 years old with a concept of making clothes “vintagely modern”.

Featured Services

Quality Guaranteed

The attention to detail and quality control procedures during the manufacturing of our product ensures that all garments are produced with the highest manufacturing integrity.

Unique Fabric pieces

Each piece is produced in limited quantities, 100% handmade in workshops with handpicked fabrics. ALLOR creates and executes its own fabric patterns to assure individuality for our customers.

Flexible styling

Simple yet sophisticated. All garments are flexible and versatile in styling, you can dress it up or down. By choosing foundation clothing piecesthat are wearable with a wide range of other items and classic in style, you’ll create a timeless and interchangeable wardrobe.

Limited Quantities

Each collection is in limited quantities to insure authenticity to our customers. We aim to create an experience where our customers feel uniquely different. By limiting the quantities of our garments, we seek perfection by paying attention to details. We aim in creating classic pieces that will never go out of style.